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About Us

We are working to make these dreams come true, our plan it realizing some special trips, dedicated to all the kind of aspects of this music, specifically built with attention to the smallest details

All european tourists once in their life will go to the United States; Travel For Fans – a project by Altrimenti Viaggi Tour Operator, Verona (Italy) in collaborations with Associazione Culturale Rootsway and Il Blues Magazine will organize some trips, mainly in the Southern States, to discover the places, the culture, sensations made of landscapes, tastes and perfumes, that have been dreamed from old records, even before than movies and books since childhood. We will concentrate on the father of all modern music: the Blues,  and all his different flavours, like Soul, R&B, Country, Bluegrass, Old Time, Zydeco and Jazz  that all together gave birth to the Rock.

We will bring people there where all began, and where the long and hard journey to our actual days really started.

Memphis Downtown

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