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Along the American ways in Harley-Davidson

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Along the American ways in Harley-Davidson

If you say Harley you think immediately to America, free and wild to enjoy the dream of a journey that has its roots firmly in each of us. Not everyone can boast of owning a two-wheeler borned in Milwaukee, but anyone can have a dream. Moreover the Harley-Davidson in this 110 years has come a long way, and not only in the figurative sense, and given away at many dreams. Founded in 1902, thanks to two people in their twenties – William Harley and Arthur Davidson – who built a prototype of a motorized bicycle in the garage where he lived Davidson, the company gradually grew to become the actual colossus, with branches in every part of the world and perfectly entry the imaginary part of many fans of motorized two-wheelers. Try to think of how many books, movies and songs it’s the protagonist, where he gave us the thrill and the feeling of freedom, coupled with America, it is still unchanged. America and perfect for use as a motorcycle Harley, especially if customized and personalized. Try to think of driving the chopper that was using Captain America in Easy Rider – a Hydra Glide completely modified by Ben Hardy – along the bridges that cross the Mississippi or along Highway 61 in the “Deep South” of the United States. Precisely for this Travel For Fans, the project created by the cultural association Rootsway of Parma and the musical culture magazine Il Blues, give fans the opportunity to visit the United States, and in particular the Lands of the Blues, also riding a roaring Harley-Davidson to retire upon arrival at American land. All this thanks to the collaboration with Altrimenti Viaggi Tour Operator who has concentrated its activities on what was the main passion: the work On the Road, by proposing and organizing trips to Harley-Davidson in Europe, USA and Canada, with a perfect knowledge the destination and the mix of professionalism and friendliness, offered to the market every biker type of trip. So if you’ve read and you love Jack Kerouac, if you are fascinated by films such as “Easy Rider” and “Mask” , if in your veins Southern or Blues music and if you like the Moonshine you should definitely try a trip Travel for Fans to discover the real America and living in rural perfect motorcycle. Between stops for BBQ and Catfish along the Mississippi River, in the heart of the Delta, kilometers of roads through cotton fields, swamp, bayou blues and rolling hills full of your holiday will be intense and memorable. Memphis and the Deep South are waiting to give you the America that you have always dreamed of.

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