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Travel For Fans_North Memphis & The International Blues Challenge


January 17th to January 25th, 2015
This journey will guide you to Memphis, The birthplace of Rock And Roll, during a special event, the 31th International Blues Challenge, organized by the Blues Foundation. A whole week of music in the street and in theaters, open shops and restaurants, musicians from all around the world that compete to be the best, together as blues promoters and simple fans eating bbq and drinking light beers from early morning to late in the night.

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Travel For Fans_Helena & The King Biscuit Blues Festival


October 2014
This journey will guide you to Helena, Arkansas, during a special event, the King Biscuit Blues Festival 2014, formerly known as Blues And Heritage Festival. Three days of music in 6 stages, from late morning to late in the night, open shops and restaurants, famous blues musicians and new talents, with a special taste of gospel!

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Travel For Fans_Tombstone Blues Trail


Join us as we travel the back roads of the blues and discover cemeteries of bluesmen and women. Precise directions to get to the most desired graves, often only a piece of stone resting on the ground with just the date of birth and death and a short phrase such as “Blues Man”, are essential for not wasting time or even being lost.

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Travel For Fans_North Hill MIssissippi Country Picnic


June/July 2014

This journey will guide you to the North Mississippi Hill Country, a place famous for the many bluesmen that lived there, from R.L. Burnside to David J. Kimbrough, from Mississippi Fred McvDowell to Otha Turner. Don’t miss a unique experience, the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic also known as Kenny Brown’s Hill Country Picnic, that is grown from the past and includes now (a must for musicians) also Guitar Workshops with real local bluesmen.

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Travel For Fans_Clarksdale & The Sunflower River Blues Gospel Festival


August 2014

This journey will guide you to Clarksdale, Mississippi, during a special event, the Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival, where, for example, to honor the blues as the root of every music, in 2012 performed Robert Plant. Three days of music in the street open shops and restaurants, all free concerts from early morning to late in the night.

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Travel For Fans_Leland & The Highway 61 Blues Festival


September/October 2014
This journey will guide you to Leland, Mississippi, home of the blues legends, during a special event, the Highway 61 Blues Festival 2013. One saturday of blues music, from late morning to late in the night, together with many other blues events in the area, open shops and restaurants, blues murals and museums.

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Travel For Fans_Juke Joint Festival Clarksdale


We present a 9 days- 8 nights  tour from April 5th to April 13th

This journey will bring you to Clarksdale, the cradle of the Blues, during a special event, the 11th Juke Joint Festival, organized by the Cat Head . A weekend of music in the streets, open shops and restaurants, real juke joint blues musicians , together with blues fans eating bbq and drinking light beers from early morning to late in the night. A unique experience that will be completed by some visit of nearby places, cotton plantations, famous bluesmen graves or even museums, to give you the feeling of the real Mississippi blues plus a unique sight in last standing country bluesmen in the world. During the daytime, you can expect a dozen small stages with authentic blues. At night, we feature all of our surviving juke joints, blues clubs and other indoor stages!

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Travel For Fans_It's Not Only Rock 'n' Roll


We present a  9 days/8 nights tour  from August 22th to April 31th .

Country Music, Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Soul music … a fantastic journey that will take you ‘in the Deep South to explore mythical places that have given birth to great musical icons .. from Elvis Presley to Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis at BB King’s Blues by the great fathers, you will visit the city ‘mythical as Nashville, the Music City, Tupelo, city’ native ‘Elvis the King “and Memphis, home of the legendary Sun Studios and Stax Records. Do not miss a stop in Lynchburg where you can visit the Jack Daniels Distillery and the beautiful concert live blues in Clarksdale in local epic as the “Ground Zero” Morgan Freeman or in an authentic juke joints such as the “Red’s Lounge” …. c’mon let’s go down south!

Join us for a unique journey through the states of Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennesseesearching for places where of the most famous rock and blues musicians were born. By traveling with us, you will enjoy the spirit of this music that has been so important in your life.

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Travel For Fans_Down in MIssissippi


We present a 9 days/8 night tour – This tour is organized for 2014 between April 19th  and April 28th

We present a unique journey down in Mississippi, passing by Arkansas and Tennessee, searching for the grave of the music that  has been so important in everyone’s life: The Blues.

This tour includes also visits to the graves of the most famous blues musicians in history, born and buried in Mississippi. In this tour there will be visits to places that have hosted moments and unique characters of this music, as well as live performances of country blues, acoustic blues and electric blues, some already planned but also organized specifically for these trips. For the real fans you can also have tickets to blues museums or locations far from the cities such as cotton plantations and the famous crossroads to get you deep into the true atmosphere of the Mississippi blues.

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