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With Travel For Fans in Mississippi, where it all began

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With Travel For Fans in Mississippi, where it all began

A strip of land, flat, agricultural, where the dust is mixed with the mud of the mussy’s rivers. Where life unfolds in tiny villages and the cities do not exist. Where if you say that this is America do not believe you. A land where singing was the only way to communicate with a population brought there by force. And with the strength, but also with such cruelty, she was forced to work and live in misery and humiliation. A land that has suffered and he did suffer, but that, too, helped create the modern music: the Blues and its most famous products.
This land took the name of its most important river and entered into our homes, in our imagination and our dreams through the stories of William Faulkner, Erskine Caldwell, John Steinbeck, the photographs of Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, William Ferris , Dick Waterman, images of Bertrard Tavernier, Alan Parker, the Cohen brothers until the last masterpiece of Quentin Tarantino.
This land, where a cross can become legend, where the sacred in the profane blends, where the sound of the train is the rhythm and music, has a charm that – when you see it – you can not love that restarne. This land is called the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMississippi Delta and is there in the “Deep South” of the United States, with magnolias and cotton that looks like snow in summer. From its plantations and the terrible prisons, misfortunes and joys that music was born, thanks to the work of Alan Lomax and his followers, came to this day. From that land he took the “City of New Orleans“, in the most fortunate cases, or one of many Freight Trains to get to Chicago and elettrificarsi, or stopped in Memphis and in his Sun Studios to become Rock ‘n’ Roll or even, mingling with the sounds coming from the Appalachians, it turned into the Country Music. This is the magic of the Blues and Mississippi, a land and a culture which must be lived to 360 °, because it is just so that you can better appreciate the many facets. From Memphis, with his Beale Street, in Jackson, the state capital, passing through Clarksdale with the famous Crossroads between 51 and 49, the Cat Head, the Delta Blues Museum and its Juke Joints, the three most important cities. But even small villages who have given birth and final resting place of the great blues artists of how blu front cafeBentonia (Skip James and Jimmy Duck Holmes), Holly Springs (R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Robert Belfour), Como (Mississippi Fred McDowell), Greenwood (Furry Lewis, Hubert Sumlin), Oxford, home to a university closed to blacks students to historic enrollment of James Meredith, in 1962.
But it is not easy to find a trip that would allow us to visit with care and, above all, with the expert guidance of a deep knowledge of the area this land. Or, at least, it was not until today with the arrival Travel For Fans: the culmination of a dream, the journey of life. A series of themed projects totally dedicated to the passion shared by thousands of people, music, and were eventually designed and manufactured with a specific care and attention to small details, to say “I was there” and having lived a ‘ experience unique.

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